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Welcome! 1880 1253 Kim Beck

Welcome to our blog! We are the Downtown Nasty Women Social Group, part of the Resistance that formed in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. Leading up to the election, we volunteered in downtown Manhattan at Hillary Clinton’s headquarters to text and phone bank, encouraging registered Democrats across the country to come out and vote. Many of us were not overly political. We were excited to be a part of history. But instead of celebrating electing the first woman to occupy the Oval Office and promptly returning to our mostly non-political lives, our worlds were shattered when the unthinkable happened.

At first it was an email the next morning from Molly. “Can we start organizing or doing something?” she wrote. “We are all processing the election differently and I think I will feel better if I can do something positive going forward.”

That was the beginning.

It wasn’t just us. All across the country groups like ours were evolving. Becoming part of the Resistance. And we’ve kept it up, grown in size and numbers, taken on government at all levels, fought for progressive candidates, legislation meant to improve people’s lives, civil rights.

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the issues that matter to all of us, and hopefully inspire others to join in activism. Our country is at a precipice and there is too much at stake for anyone to sit on the sidelines and watch. It’s up to all of us to defend our democracy. And it’s time to elect lawmakers who share our values, and then hold them accountable.