About Us

Working together

to make positive change

Our Mission

Our mission is to spark civic engagement, increase voter participation at all levels of government, work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot all over the country, and shift the balance of power in order to improve people’s lives.

Our Values

We believe that the strongest America is one that values the freedom, equality, and safety of each individual regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, or immigration status.

Protest immigration
March at Brooklyn Bridge
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Why States Matter

We believe reshaping government at the state legislative level is how we protect our democracy, and where we can have the greatest impact on changing people’s lives for the better. We are in our 6th year and have raised funds to support candidates in the Michigan, Nevada, and Texas state legislatures. We are thrilled that our long term commitment had a big payoff in 2022 with major wins in Michigan, where we now have a state trifecta and the majority is passing bills like universal background checks and repealing an archaic abortion ban, and held the Democratic majority in Nevada.

We organize hundreds of activists to write GOTV postcards, text and phone bank, fundraise, run for office, join local Democratic clubs, march, protest, and stay informed and involved.

We co-host Zoom gatherings along with our sister activist groups, Markers For Democracy and Team Min, where we write postcards together and welcome guest speakers.

We have co-hosted over 500 guests, including US Senators and Governors, candidates at every level of government, chairs of state Democratic caucuses, authors, journalists, and national organizations doing similar work.

Our Purpose

We started our Giving Circle in 2018, partnering with The States Project to raise money to support state-level elections. Our partnership gives us control and transparency over how our money is allocated, gives us access to their vast amounts of research and experience in local elections, and allows us to focus on elections in which we can make a tangible difference.

We will continue to raise money for this important and successful work each year. Our goal for 2024 is to raise $250,000.

We are committed to shifting the balance of power in the Michigan state legislature, as well as keeping Nevada a blue state. Early money is a crucial element to electoral success.

Join our Giving Circle! Be a part of enacting change.