Pooling our resources
to support state-level candidates.

Through our giving circle, we pool our resources to support state-level candidates who are aligned with our core values.

We started our Giving Circle in 2018, partnering with The States Project to raise money to support state-level elections. Our partnership gives us control and transparency over how our money is allocated, gives us access to their vast amounts of research and experience in local elections, and allows us to focus on elections in which we can make a tangible difference.

We will continue to raise money for this important and successful work each year. Our goal for 2024 is to raise $250,000. We are committed to defending the blue majority in the Michigan House and flipping the Wisconsin Assembly from red to blue. Early money is a crucial element to electoral success.

Michigan mitten map


Michigan state lawmakers made history by repealing an extreme 1931 abortion ban, protecting abortion access for 2.2 million Michiganders of reproductive age. And Michigan state lawmakers didn’t stop at protecting abortion, they also took action to protect LGBTQ+ Michiganders from housing and employment discrimination, and voted to advance gun safety with universal background checks.

Nevada map outline


Nevada State Legislature maintained a Democratic majority after an incredibly hard-fought election cycle. This critical victory will serve to check the new Republican governor. It also enables Nevada to continue to be a sanctuary state for reproductive healthcare for Nevadans and surrounding red states.


Greater representation is on the way! Our candidate, Ann Johnson won as the first openly LGBTQ+ rep for her district. And our dollars supported the campaigns of 14 women, 4 Black women, 4 Latinx and 2 LGBTQ candidates who are building for the future.

Michigan leaders

Join our Giving Circle! Be a part of enacting change.