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Here we hope to raise awareness about the issues that matter to all of us. Our country is at a precipice and there is too much at stake for anyone to sit on the sidelines and watch. It’s up to all of us to defend our democracy. And it’s time to elect lawmakers who share our values, and then hold them accountable.

postcard to help get out the vote for the Tom Suozzi elections
The Power of the Grassroots Movement 320 240 Kim Beck

The Power of the Grassroots Movement

Last month Tom Suozzi won a hard fought special election in NY House District 3 to replace George Santos in Congress. This was a big deal because Santos is credibly accused of conspiracy, credit card fraud, wire fraud, identity theft and falsification of records. If we are to ensure we have a functioning government, he…

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list of major accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration in 2023
The Truth Matters 1960 2448 Kim Beck

The Truth Matters

There’s a reason why a bunch of us got together and decided to organize and become political grassroots activists. It’s at the core of why we fight so hard to elect Democrats at every level of government across the country, and why it’s so important to shift the balance of power in chambers controlled by…

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photo of protesters at abortion rights rally, signs say keep abortion legal, keep your bans off my uterus
When Will We Get Abortion Out of Politics? 500 375 Kim Beck

When Will We Get Abortion Out of Politics?

When Donald Trump was elected President in November 2016, I remember lots of people telling me to calm down, it would be fine. His ability to follow through on his deplorable campaign promises would be limited because of checks and balances. It soon became apparent there would be a strain on those checks and balances…

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chalkboard with x's and o's
The Democratic Playbook 1550 954 Kim Beck

The Democratic Playbook

The Democratic Playbook Following the 2008 Presidential election, when Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States, Republicans launched Project Redmap. Their goal was to control Congress and prevent President Obama from passing any meaningful legislation. But by targeting state legislatures they were also playing the long game. While Democrats celebrated their…

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stickers with i voted inscription and flag of usa
State Elections Matter 1880 1255 Kim Beck

State Elections Matter

State Elections Matter It should come as no surprise that state government has an inordinate amount of power. After all, that’s how our country was designed. James Madison wrote in the Federalist Paper #45, “The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern…

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macbook pro on brown wooden table
Welcome! 1880 1253 Kim Beck


Welcome to our blog! We are the Downtown Nasty Women Social Group, part of the Resistance that formed in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election.

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