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list of major accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration in 2023

The Truth Matters

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There’s a reason why a bunch of us got together and decided to organize and become political grassroots activists. It’s at the core of why we fight so hard to elect Democrats at every level of government across the country, and why it’s so important to shift the balance of power in chambers controlled by Republicans. It’s because Democrats really want to improve ALL people’s lives. And while it has become our mantra, we also know it to be true based on evidence. Based on the facts. Republicans have been distorting the truth for far too long. It’s time we take back the GOP misinformation narrative and counter their lies with real hard facts.

Republicans love to talk about the economy and how inflation has skyrocketed since Biden took office. It is a common misconception that the GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility, when all they do is raise the deficit and lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations, at the expense of hard working families. The Biden-Harris administration has created policies to improve the economy, and the truth is, their policies are working. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, they’ve lowered healthcare costs for millions of Americans, including capping the price of insulin at $35 a month and helping millions of struggling seniors in the process. Inflation has fallen to 3.1%, while wages for the average American (adjusted for inflation) rose 6.6%. The consensus is that we’ve avoided a recession and the economy is experiencing a soft landing as we enter 2024. The unemployment rate is at an historical low of 3.7%, and 750,000 new manufacturing jobs have been added since the start of the Biden-Harris administration.

The other major GOP talking point centers around immigration and border policy. Republicans have taken control of the immigration narrative, claiming that Biden and Democrats favor an open border policy. This is simply not the truth and it’s time we stop taking these lies at face value. In early 2023, the Biden-Harris administration took steps to tighten control at the border, and instead of supporting it, the extremist GOP House denied funding needed to further tighten border security. Currently, Biden’s team helped to negotiate bipartisan legislation to address the border crisis. Once again, House Republicans are choosing party over country, and after all the noise Republican lawmakers have made for a more secure border, they are refusing funding and instead orchestrating a sham hearing to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. Even moderate Senate Republicans are appalled that House Republicans would choose to listen to Trump, who has instructed them to let the bill die in order to make Biden and Democrats look bad. If the GOP really cared about creating safer borders, they would support this bill.

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