We are a grassroots community

working to advance progressive values and to defend our democracy

The Downtown Nasty Women Social Group is a grassroots community of activists working together to make positive change in people’s every day lives.

We believe that the strongest America is one that values the freedom, equality, and safety of each individual regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, or immigration status.

Dem Facts

Each week we highlight one fact that you can share to help counter misinformation. Know the facts and spread them widely!

Violent Crime Lowest in 15 yrs; US Citizens Commit More Crime Than Immigrants 442 934 Kim Beck

Violent Crime Lowest in 15 yrs; US Citizens Commit More Crime Than Immigrants

FACT! Trump claims that immigrants are responsible for an increase in crime levels and that “migrants are killing our citizens…

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It Starts In The States

We see the need and opportunity to help shape government at the local and national level with those who are aligned with our progressive values.


State Legislatures

Affect our future in areas such as education, healthcare, voting rights, reproductive rights, safe gun laws, and climate policy.

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State governments effectively choose Congressional majorities by drawing districts that can be either fair or gerrymandered.

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Issues & Policies

Laws that start in the state often become national policies.

The latest from our blog

The Power of the Grassroots Movement

The Power of the Grassroots Movement 320 240 Kim Beck

Last month Tom Suozzi won a hard fought special election in NY House District 3 to replace George Santos in Congress. This was a big deal because Santos is credibly…

list of major accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration in 2023

The Truth Matters

The Truth Matters 1960 2448 Kim Beck

There’s a reason why a bunch of us got together and decided to organize and become political grassroots activists. It’s at the core of why we fight so hard to…

photo of protesters at abortion rights rally, signs say keep abortion legal, keep your bans off my uterus

When Will We Get Abortion Out of Politics?

When Will We Get Abortion Out of Politics? 500 375 Kim Beck

When Donald Trump was elected President in November 2016, I remember lots of people telling me to calm down, it would be fine. His ability to follow through on his…

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The Democratic Playbook

The Democratic Playbook 1550 954 Kim Beck

The Democratic Playbook Following the 2008 Presidential election, when Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States, Republicans launched Project Redmap. Their goal was to control Congress…

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Our partnership with The States Project gives us control and transparency over how our money is allocated, gives us access to their vast amounts of research and experience in local elections, and allows us to focus on elections in which we can make a tangible difference.

We will continue to raise money for this important and successful work each year. Our goal for 2024 is to raise $250,000 for the 2024 election. We are committed to defending the blue majority in the Michigan House and flipping the Wisconsin Assembly from red to blue. Early money is a crucial element to electoral success.

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The Giving Circle

We started our Giving Circle in 2018 to raise money to support state-level elections.

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We’re raising for 2024!