2 Year Anniversary of Dobbs Decision

2 Year Anniversary of Dobbs Decision

2 Year Anniversary of Dobbs Decision 1200 833 Kim Beck

Fact: Since the Dobbs decision, Republican states are dismantling our freedoms and making it a hardship for women to get reproductive healthcare, while Democratic states are adding protections. 

The state of abortion rights on the 2-year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade and remove the constitutional right to an abortion in the US:

  • 14 Republican-controlled states have full abortion bans (with¬†limited exceptions)
  • 3 Republican-controlled states have 6 week abortion bans (before many women even know they are pregnant)
  • Most Democratic-controlled states have taken actions to protect abortion rights, including protecting doctors who mail mifepristone to women in red states, and have become sanctuaries for out-of-state patients seeking reproductive healthcare
  • The number of monthly procedures has not fallen, meaning women in red states must travel out-of-state and incur additional costs for travel, childcare, and days off work

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Source: AP News