NY ERA is on the Ballot in 2024

NY ERA is on the Ballot in 2024

NY ERA is on the Ballot in 2024 1200 687 Kim Beck


This November, the NY ERA will be on the ballot (the flip side). Here are some background facts:

  • Most states have an ERA in their state constitution. NY does not already have an ERA in its constitution
  • Nevada was the most recent state to adopt an equal rights provision in its state constitution in 2022, which is similar to the proposed NY amendment
  • NYS already has laws in place to protect rights, including: Human Rights Law, Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act, Reproductive Health Act, and Marriage Equality Act. The ERA would codify these protections and make it harder to reverse them
  • Potential impact of ERA includes: close the gender and racial wage gap, reduce gender based violence, allow women to make their own health care and reproductive decisions

Additional facts to help with misinformation campaign that is developing from the opposition:

  • Passage of the ERA would not change the laws already in place that protect religious institutions and freedom of religion
  • Passage of the ERA would not change any immigration laws or allow non-citizens to vote
  • In New York, parental consent is required for minors to receive gender affirming care and the NY ERA does not change that
  • The existing New York Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, citizenship status, color, disability, gender, gender identity, marital and partner status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion/creed, height and weight, sexual orientation, or military status in employment, housing, education, credit and access to public accommodations

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